The Joy of Jesus Church is Calling for Healing

Is there a problem that you have that causes pain and suffering that you can not do anything about in your life? The Joy of Jesus is clearly knows the answer to this question that needs to be clearly articulated.

Once there was a lady who had suffered with a bleeding disorder for eight years. Nothing could be done for her. She was weak and helpless. There are so many people today in this particular problem and more ailments that strike the soul. What can be done?

The Bible tells us that if we could just touch the hem of Jesus garment that everything will be o-Kay.Yes, our faith is the key to any healing. If we trust in what is impossible for man is possible for God.

Jesus Christ was scorned, beaten, and crucified. Jesus was resurrected by God and will return with all power, honor and glory. We whom believe in The Full Glory of God in Christ Jesus we shall be healed. Our Faith shall heal us from all maladies. Praise God and Glory to God in Christ Jesus. We pray for healing in the name and Joy of Jesus Church.

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