The Joy of Jesus and Faith

Do you believe in seeing is believing? If I didn't see it: It never happened. This is the way a great number of people live their life. We lean and perceive things through ones senses.

Yet, the most important factor of life has not been seen at all.

We need to go one step beyound to experience the full joy of Jesus in order to take the next faze of life. Jesus preached a pure message of faith. If we had the faith of a very small seed, it would grow into a huge and beautiful tree.

Faith can move mountains. It is a deep belief in The Creator of all the universe and His son. God gave us Jesus and the world rejected Him because of what He represents. To stand tall for love,grace and peace is not what those in power care about in life.

Our faith is in Christ Jesus, who turned water into wine, walk on the water and heal people. Jesus raised folk from the dead.

Our faith tells us that Jesus was betrayed, beaten, and crucified for our transgressions. Move Over, the Power of God raised Him from the dead and He will return with all power, honor and glory.

Our faith in Christ Jesus is The Joy of Jesus. We too can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthen us from day to day. Our faith in Him is the key to all the universe of the great unseen. We walk by faith and not by sight.

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