The Joy of Jesus Economic Plan

Business Development is the key to economic development today. The World Exchange Business Development Center has a plan for you to get started. The tools for the future are clear in terms for what is required for the future. The Joy of Jesus Church has initiatives are focused on some rather key ares for ones consideration

Green Technology is a great starting point. Investing in water rights is a start. Recycling is another. Alternative fuels is a great investment along with food development and distribution as well. We offer educational assistance for new learning the technologies of the future. We offer business; planning, finance, start-up and free promotional networks. These are just some of the opportunities to help in the economic recovery.

Hope and Opportunity are the two main pillar of The joy of Jesus mission of full social-economic development for the world. One must work both hard and intelligently to undo past performance. We have consolidated our information and resource pool to one place to start the process for recovery through The World of business Ex-Change.
The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee encourages you to visit and share our network to your contacts as well.

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