The Joy of Jesus Church Global Peace Center

The Joy of Jesus Church Rev. Dr. James A. Lee is pleased to announce the grand opening of our new Global Center for Peace & Non-Violence is help end violence globally

It is our mission to promote peace in new and different ways. The news has been so over-run with stories of hate and violence. We need more information that promotes peace and human understanding. This so vital to our societal educational development.

The Joy of Jesus has many worth-while centers for social-economic development,i.e.: Centers for Jobs, Green Technology,Education, Business, Health-Services and Parenting as well.

Do give to The Joy of Jesus Church today. We also offer our Center for Research on World Poverty to help fight against starvation and ignorance. We need all the support we can get. We offer our free toolbar and sponsor program that raises money without cost to the participant. You mat also donate as little as one dollar to make a real difference. We hope you will join us to promote peace and proprietary to all.

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