A Real Need for Jobs

Where are The Jobs People need Work
People need jobs yesterday. We need jobs now! Families need hope and a job.

The Joy of Jesus Jobs Program

PR Log (Press Release) – Mar 08, 2010 – The Real number of unemployed is around 20%. There are many people who have simply given up. The Joy of Jesus is becoming alarmed by these developments. We need to provide both hope and jobs. Our Jobs/Career Center is ready to help; visit our center at

We also offer Business development, educational resources, a new Green Tech/Business Center to get people attracted. We also provide hope. Our health center,poverty research center and parenting skills programs are all designed to get people moving in the right direction.

We need both jobs and hope. The Joy of Jesus Rev. Dr. James A. Lee is speaking out for all those who can not get their message out. We have programs to help. Please speak out on the jobs issue for all. Jobs help families and they need jobs now. Join us today.
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We specialize in business promotions, marketing and management for over thirty years. We also have experience in social networking.

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