A Press Release Service for The Joy of Jesus and Business

The Press Release is a power form of communication that allows the media to share information that provide the public with choices as to what to do, where and when. The Joy of Jesus Church is all about sharing information that helps the public move forward in numerous ways. The Joy of Jesus Church http://thejoyofjesuschurchonline.blogspot.com/
is chiefly concerned with hope and social-economic development.

The Press Release is just another tool to help keep the public informed. The Joy of Jesus has many significant ventures to promote the public welfare career. Namely: The Business Development Center; The Center for Education, The Jobs/Career Center, The Heath Information center,The Poverty Center, Parenting Sills Center and now The Green Tech./Business Simplex are all developed to find one place to obtain the vital information and resources to make a difference in the quality of life and information.

The Press Release stands ready to provide the information you may find of real interest. Also Lee bible University is opens to increase ones well of faith, hope, peace and love. The World Ministry Department and free toolbar are to help the needy as well. The Press release has all of this information as well.The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee, Pastor of The
joy of Jesus Church is in deep prayer to help all of the people to overcome these harsh economic conditions.

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