A Smart Way to Go Green Tech for Business

The field of Green Technology is rapidly growing in numerous ways. The Faith Based community must work fast to get on top of the real issues to help promote all of the new opportunities for more jobs, business and education in this area. The Joy of Jesus Church has responded to this call http://thejoyofjesuschurchonline.blogspot.com/
We have open a Green Technology/Business Simplex.

We post the latest news and information on going green. We seek to educate the public as to the tremendous opportunities in this exciting field. Green Technology takes the best of nature and uses it to make it better as well as improve the overall health of the planet.

The Joy of Jesus offers a number of Centers to help you. The Business Center, The Education Center, The Health Center, The Poverty Center and our Media Outreach program are just a few. We also have a Jobs/Career Center as well. Go Green with us and see. We need your donations to promote our fine work. Do Go Green Today!

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