The Joy of Jesus Church Rev. Dr. James A. Lee

A Call for Peace.

Rev. Dr. James A. Lee, Pastor of The Joy of Jesus Church is calling for world peace. There is so much uncertainty today that people and nations are functioning at particular levels of violence, crime, war, and abuse. There is an tremendous need for peace.

The economic recession has been hard for all people. The Joy of Jesus has programs to assist people to address issues that they may face each day. Our main goal is to provide hope and opportunity. Programs such as Jobs/Careers, Business Development, Education, Parenting Skills, Poverty Studies, Health Care and Green Technology& Business, all design to help people maintain hope and peace.

The Joy of Jesus Church needs donations to continue its mission of full social-economic development. There are several ways to donate with giving any money. One is to visit our sponsors, and second is to obtain our free toolbar that raises money for the needy. One may also donate directly as well. We need peace today and less conflict. The Joy of Jesus needs our help.

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